The NPIA has been interviewed by a Dutch television news company interested in the UK’s launch in January 2011 of street level crime information via

Assistant Chief Constable Steve Mortimore, who leads a national programme developing the Home Office site, was today interviewed by Nederlandse Omroep Stichting (NOS) journalist Arjen van der Horst about the UK’s new crime information system.

“Supports the public’s desire for crime and local policing information”
ACC Mortimore talked about how the police service collectively rose to the Coalition Government’s challenge to produce a single national crime and anti-social behaviour system by the end of January 2011. He explained that demand for exceeded expectations and out-stripped “our wildest planning assumptions” in the first 12 hours, which saw at peak nearly 400,000 hits per hour.

Since January 31, the site has had 408m hits, has received more than 2,900 pieces of feedback from the public and has had more than 200 community developers apply for its backend data.

He said the launch of was a prime example where the police service, working with the Home Office, is able to contribute to the Coalition Government’s drive to be more transparent with civic information. He said: “We can’t – nor should we – brush crime under the carpet. People have a right to know what crime is happening in their area. And they have a right to information that they in turn can use to hold their local policing teams to account.”

ACC Mortimore used NPIA research to bust the myth that “more published policing and crime information = increased fear of crime” (for more information read “NPIA research supports the public’s desire for crime and local policing information”).

ACC Mortimore said there were six Home Office trail blazer sites across England and Wales looking at other ways of using crime maps, anti-social behaviour and local policing information to enhance engagement between local officers and the communities they serve.

The request by NOS, a national broadcaster in The Netherlands, is one of a number the NPIA has received since the launch of street level crime information on 31 January 2011; others have come from Canada, Germany, France and the United States of America.

Courtesy of NPIA.
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