Crown Court

If you have been arrested and charged for a serious offence, you may find yourself in the Crown Court. This is completely different to the Magistrates’ Court and it is not for the feint hearted. This is the court where barristers appear as opposed to solicitors. You are tried by twelve members of a jury, all of whom must decide your guilt based on the evidence that they hear. 

Which Barrister? Do I even have a choice?

Put simply yes. Every firm has to give you the choice of your barrister and cannot choose for you. You have to remember that you are the client and that we only serve you. If your solicitors do not give you a choice, or even sit down with you to discuss an appropriate barrister, they are not doing their jobs.

The cuts to legal aid mean that some firms treat clients like they are on a production line and simply provide lip service. 

We offer a totally different service  at Klarks. 

We will always advise you of your options and ensure that you are completely happy with your choice of advocate. It is important to meet your barrister before the hearing; we will ensure this is done so that, at least, you are comfortable with the person representing you. 

Why does the choice of barrister matter?

It matters; it matters a lot. Barristers are only human and have advantages and disadvantages. Each has a unique way of dealing with a problem and some may be more suited to your case. Any barrister can do a job for you, but only a specialist barrister that is suited to your case, will take the case that much further. This may make the difference between a verdict of guilty and not guilty. 

We have over twenty years experience and have hand picked only specialist counsel. We will not allow any of our client’s to be represented by someone who is not suited to their case. This is just one of the many things that you will find at Klarks, that extra step, that personal service that you will not find elsewhere. 

Does it make a difference who my solicitor is?

Again yes it does and even more so than the choice of barrister. This is because it is the solicitor that you will have contact with. You will meet the solicitor, usually, at the police station and they will progress your case. It make a big difference to have confidence in the firm of solicitors. It is now routine for client’s to be handled by a team of solicitors; or what we call whoever is available. This sort of disservice is not a practice that is within our firm and we will always allocate your case to a Solicitor (not. a junior member of staff) who will be your point of contact and the face that you see at your hearings. Any issues can be taken up with one person as opposed to going round and round. 

An experienced solicitor is important to prepare the case fully and to make sure that everything avenue of investigation has been undertaken. It is very easy to do nothing and to allow the case to gather dust and then to turn up on the day of trial. This hope for the best strategy is not what we do here. We will keep you updated with your case. We will take your instructions on your case. We will discuss the evidence with you and, more importantly, we will proactively defend your case. 



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