Facing a Driving Ban or Disqualification?

For most motoring offences you will receive penalty points and a fine. The court also has a discretion to impose an immediate driving ban, known as a discretionary disqualification.

A discretionary disqualification can be imposed even if you have a clean licence because it is determined by the seriousness of the offence. This means that the court can impose an immediate driving ban even if you have less than 12 points on your driving licence. The length of ban is set by the court in accordance with its sentencing guidelines and can be anything from 7 days to several months!

Drink Drive

If you have been charged with drink diving or failing to provide you will now be facing the prospect of attending court. No doubt you will be extremely worried about the court process and what will happen to you. You may be thinking of pleading guilty or you may be wondering if there is any possibility of defending the charge. Either way it is vital that you obtain professional advice and consider all your options. A conviction for drink driving can have a devastating effect on your life


The most serious offence of causing death by careless / dangerous driving when under the influence of drink or drugs carries a maximum penalty of 14 years in prison, a minimum 2 year driving ban and a requirement to pass an extended driving test before the offender is able to drive legally again. The offence of causing death by careless or dangerous driving whilst drunk raises highly complex legal issues, and possibly medical issues

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