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A lot of matters related to prison and your sentence may not be covered by Legal Aid. Recent changes mean that very few things are covered and therefore you may feel that you still need advice and assistance. For those that are lucky enough to have supportive friends and relatives, we can still help. We have a fixed fee scheme where we can advise and assist you on any Prison related matter, for example, recategorisation or issues with your licence. Please contact us for a tailored quote.


Prisoner’s are subject to the Prison Rules, whilst in custody. These are strictly enforced, which means that anyone caught breaching them can face up to 42 days added to their sentence. If you or a loved one have received the infamous¬†nicking sheet then please contact us urgently so that we can advise and represent you.

Parole Hearings

If you have been recalled, have been given a life sentence or an IPP sentence you will meet the Parole Board at some point during your sentence. It will be the Board that determines whether you will be released and will base their decision on the risk that they think you pose to the public. You will require professional help throughout your sentence to make sure that everything is ready for your hearing and that your hearing is successful. Our formidable team will make sure that Board hear what they need to and will make sure everything is ready for your hearing. Instruct us NOW!

First Time In Custody?

What happens when you go to prison? What can you take with you? When do you get out? How will you survive?

When the Judge announces your sentence, it is not always clear what it really means in terms of when you will be released from prison. You may also get into trouble if you breach one of the many Prison Rules. We have extensive information on this site to help you. 


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