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Klarks Solicitors are renowned experts in all Criminal matters and also have a specialism in White Collar, and Serious Crime. We also have a specialist Prison Law department. Our practice works up and down the country and have built a strong reputation as being defence solicitors to the core and defending our clients even in the face of overwhelming evidence.

Our aim is simple; to help you.

We understand the difficulties faced by the lay person in this most complicated of areas and the impact that it can have on the livelihood or even the freedom of an individual. Normal people carrying out their day to day activities can inadvertently become the victim of an overzealous Criminal Justice System that is increasingly limiting the rights of individuals.

If you find yourself in this position; we promise to help. Our team of dedicated solicitors will do whatever we legally can in order to find a solution.

Our dedicated team of solicitors will give you very robust and detailed advice from the beginning. You will understand your case and be in a position to make an informed decision about how you want us to proceed.

Business Services

images (4)We are working with our partners to develop a business defence team that will be second to none in providing specialist care for businesses that require regulatory advice and representation. Our aim is to mirror the service that we offer all of our clients and intend to create a range of products that are very affordable whilst maintaining their quality. We shall offer this service very shortly but, if you need advice straight away, we can offer tailored advice at a very competitive rates. Please contact us so that one of our expert advisors can assess your requirements.

Services to Solicitors

PageLines- images2.jpgWe understand the demands placed on today’s firms where budgets are stretched and clients misunderstand the limitations that any single firm can offer. We are in a landscape where we have to have a national presence in order to retain client confidence and to be able to provide a service to our clients wherever they are. This may mean that as clients travel up and down the country, firms have to be able to offer their services without compromising on any aspect of the client’s expectations. Simply instructing an agent is convenient; however it carries a grave risk of the agent not being able to deliver a quality service and undermining their confidence in your firm. Once a client is disgruntled they will look elsewhere for another firm and will only be too happy to inform others of the firm’s disservice.

We solve this problem for you.

Our aim is to maintain the professionalism, integrity and quality that clients expect and to offer a service  that is exemplary. We offer a range of products at competitive prices without undermining our core principles.


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