“The best way to predict your future is to create it”

                             Abraham Lincoln


 When you get arrested or accused of anything, what happens?

If you have never been through the criminal process or any process where you become subject to a criminal sanction, then the answer to this question is that you simply do not know. Forget whatever you have seen on television, the reality is far from the illusion that is created. The criminal process is not for the feint hearted: if arrested, you will be handcuffed and subjected to challenging circumstances. You will be searched, have samples of your fingerprints and DNA taken and then confined to a small cell. Although you have basic rights, depending on the amount of detainees, these are seldom observed. If this was not degrading enough, the next stage is to formally interview you in respect of the allegation that you face. In your most vulnerable state, having had your human rights taken away, you are expected to answer questions from experienced interrogators, all of whom have one purpose: evidence. You are evidence and whatever comes out of your mouth is the prize being sought. A friendly chat will soon turn into a nightmare – a nightmare from which you may never recover.


Any mistake at this stage could devastate any chance that you may have of running a successful defence and it is therefore imperative that you have someone present representing your best interests.

What You Can Expect

With the best will in the world, there is only so much any solicitor can do when limited by the financial constraints of legal aid. We will not allow those constraints to prevent us from doing our best for you. If you want a service that gives you advice and guidance whenever and wherever you want it, then our crime team can provide that.

We also appreciate that clients who pay privately will expect a premium service, which we aim to deliver. A service that allows our clients a personal and relaxed relationship with their legal team, complimented by a highly qualified staff with extensive experience in all aspects of general and commercial crime.

images3To represent a client in a criminal case requires an understanding of the client’s fears and frustrations. Private clients can be assured that the fee earner and their support staff are conscious of this.

It seems to us that each case is treated as a bespoke service; tailor made for each client with consideration a high priority to the required seniority of fee earner to deliver a comprehensive service that is value for money.

In every case, whatever the charge, whether it is a very minor offence or a serious allegation, it is in all likelihood one of the most traumatic events to occur to an individual and accordingly, one should expect an exceptional level of service from those who undertake that representation.

A full and highly professional service is provided from the initial point of contact through to trial. Our experience allows us to provide advice and assistance at the highest level at the police station to insure maximum disclosure of evidence is available from the investigating officers, so that advice at that early stage, which is key in any criminal case, is of the highest standard.



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